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Big Breakfast    $23

eggs of your choice (poached/fried/scrambled)& sourdough toast, bacon, beef sausage, button mushrooms, slow roasted tomato, hashbrown.

Veg Breakfast    $22

eggs of your choice (poached/fried/scrambled)& sourdough toast, avocado, wilted spinach, button mushrooms, slow roasted tomato.


Halloumi  Eggs Rosti    $18.9

​two poached eggs on rosti (corn, shredded halloumi, onion & coriander herb), wilted spinach, atop sourdough toast.

Salmon Delight  $21.9

smoked salmon, smashed avocado atop sourdough toast, with creamy danish feta and one poached egg onside.


Energy Kick  $20

bacon, avocado, 2 poached eggs, button mushroom, hash brown & sourdough toast.

Avocado on Rye   $14.9

slow roasted cherry tomato, creamy feta topped with roasted nuts and & housemade balsamic apple glaze on light rye sourdough toast.


Veg Omelette    $18.9

with creamy danish feta, sundried tomato, kale, caramelised onion served with sourdough toast

& housemade tomato chutney.


Ham & Cheese Omelette    $18.9

diced ham, melted shredded cheese served with sourdough toast &  housemade tomato chutney.


Portobello  Mushroom $18.9

​house marinated on a bed of grilled halloumi & roquette on sourdough toast and topped with dukkha. 

Breakfast Stack       $23

house marinated portobello mushroom, avocado, bacon, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce atop sourdough.

Eggs Benedict       $18.9

two poached eggs on choice of bacon/or ham, or smoked salmon(extra $3)

wilted spinach, atop sourdough toast, heavily drizzled hollandaise sauce.

Free Range Eggs on Toast   $11.9

eggs on your way (poached/fried/scrambled)  and choice of sourdough toast.

Acai Bowl  $14.9

mix Amazon Power Acai, house made granola, seasonal fruit.

Housemade Granola    $13.9

oats, almond and coconut, goji berries, walnuts, pepitas, seasonal fruit, probiotic yoghurt and choice of milk.


Meat Wrap      $15

scrambled eggs, halloumi, beef sausage(extra $2) or bacon, baby spinach. 


Trout Wrap      $15

scramble eggs, smoked ocean trout, creamy danish feta, homemade caramelised onion.


Vegetarian Wrap   $15

scrambled eggs, avocado, baby spinach, housemade tomato chutney.


Breakfast Burger  $15

scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrown, creamy bbq sauce.

Bacon & Egg Roll    $9

choice of bbq, tomato, aioli, chilli, housemade tomato chutney on burger bun.


Fruit Toast     $5.9

Toast    $5.5 

choice of white sourdough,  soy linseed sourdough, light rye sourdough, turkish, gluten free. 


-gluten free toast, hollandaise sauce, hashbrown, cheese, fresh sliced tomato   $2                 

-bacon, ham, halloumi, avocado, poached or fried egg, mushroom                         $4  

-roasted  tomato, wilted spinach $3                                              -maple bacon  $5                                                      

 -smashed avocado, beef sausage $6                 scrambled eggs, smoked salmon $8 



White Toast                        $3

jchoice of jam or chocolate nutella


Ham Cheese Toastie      $6


Bacon & Egg          $8

fried, poached or scrambled egg, bacon atop white toast.  

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