Lunch From 11 am


Free Range Satay Chicken Skewers  $18.9

house marinated skewers served on crispy baby cos lettuce, green beans, roast pumpkin, feta cheese, 

cherry tomato, sprinkled with sesame seeds and dressed housemade lemon lime dressing.


#1-Cauliflower  (gluten free)    $15.9               recommend with lamb kofta  extra $7

seasoned roasted cauliflower, baby beetroot, green beans, kale, hummus, basil pesto and roasted

maple walnuts


#2-Halloumi   (gluten free)   $14.9          recommend with grilled chicken extra $7

​semi-dried tomato, avocado, brown  rice, halloumi, mix lettuce, housemade lemon lime dressing, 

topped apple balsamic glaze. 


#3-Quinoa   (gluten free)     $14.9        recommend with satay chicken skewers extra $9

roquette, avocado, green apple, maple walnuts, roast pumpkin, quinoa & shaved padano  cheese 

with housemade orange dressing. 


BURGERS          add chips $5

Soft shell Crab    $16.9  

with deep fried soft shell crab, red cabbage, carrot, tomato, creamy bbq on white sesame bun.


Organic Grass Fed Beef    $13.9          

with mixed salad, fresh tomato, cheese,  pickles, caramelized onion,

creamy bbq and beetroot jam on white sesame bun.  


Free Range Chicken     $13.9

with mixed salad, fresh tomato, cheese,  pickles, caramelized onion,

 aioli and beetroot jam on white sesame bun. 


House Marinated Portobello Mushroom      $14.9  

with mixed salad, halloumi, avocado, housemade tomato chutney,

 caramelized onion & aioli on white sesame bun. 


Lamb Kofta (Middle Eastern)      $14.9

baby spinach, housemade healthy hollandaise on  turkish. 


SANDWICHES    add chips $5

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich             $14.9

with crispy chicken schnitzel, red cabbage, carrot, tomato, creamy bbq on turkish. 


BLT Sandwich             $9.5

crispy baby cos lettuce, grilled bacon, sliced tomato, aioli on turkish. 


Grilled Halloumi Sandwich     $9.5

caramelized onion, roquette, pesto, toasted almond & mayo on soy linseed sourdough.


Chicken Sandwich     $9.5

portobello mushroom, tomato, capsicum, caramelised onion, chilli, aioli on soy linseed sourdough.


Ham Sandwich     $10.5

crispy baby cos lettuce,  grilled halloumi, fresh tomato & smokey  BBQ sauce on white sourdough. 


Vegetarian Sandwich    $9.5

crispy baby cos lettuce, sliced tomato, avocado, capsicum, caramelised onion, housemade tomato

chutney on soy linseed sourdough. 

Lunch Extra

-2x satay chicken skewers$9             -grilled salmon $9                 -grilled chicken $7

                                               -maple  bacon $5             -hash brown $2      -smoked  ocean trout $7         -chips $5                 -lamb kofta $7

-poached egg, bacon, avocado, halloumi, fried egg   $4  







Aburi Salmon Steak  $28  

2 pieces 〡blow torched 〡 spicy mayo and honey soy sauce 〡grilled vegetable


Spaghetti Bolognese  $20

rich red wine 〡organic beef ragout


Seafood Fettuccine  $28

garlic prawns & mussels 〡rich creamy avocado sauce 


Fish & Chips  $21

crispy fried in light beer batter 〡tartare sauce 〡lemon 〡salad


Chicken Parmigiana  $25

crumbed chicken breast 〡napolitana sauce 〡cheese 


Soft Shell Crab  $26

2 crispy soft shell crabs 〡 creamy bbq sauce 〡cabbage, carrot & rocket salad




Potato Chips    $7

choice of tomato, bbq sauce


Potato Wedges     $8

with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce


Calamari Rings   $8

 with tartar sauce.