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Super Salad Bowl                                  $30

with Grilled Chicken                      $44

with Lamb Kofta                            $44

with Satay Chicken Skewer         $48

with Grilled Salmon                     $48


Serves 2-4 people, 2 full size salad in a big bowl

Haloumi Super Salad Bowl (gluten-free)

(​semi-dried tomato, avocado, brown  rice, halloumi, mix lettuce, housemade lemon lime dressing, 
topped apple balsamic glaze)


Quinoa Pumpkin Super Salad Bowl (gluten-free)

(roquette, avocado, green apple, maple walnuts, roast pumpkin, quinoa & shaved padano  cheese 
with housemade orange dressing)


Cauliflower Super Salad Bowl (gluten-free)

(seasoned roasted cauliflower, baby beetroot, green beans, kale, hummus, basil pesto and roasted
maple walnuts)  


Please choose only ONE of 3 salad options for each super salad bowl 

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